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Taxi Boat: Santa Teresa - Jaco

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Taxi Boat: Santa Teresa - Jaco

Santa Teresa

1 way ticket - Pick up at hotel

The taxi boats between Santa Teresa to Jaco, which are very fast speedboats holding 10-29 people, depending on the boat and the company, are a great way to get from the southern Nicoya Peninsula to the mainland, since you can avoid the trip to the ferry and the ferry journey. If you don’t want to fly, it’s also the fastest way from Santa Teresa to Jsco, because you can take the taxi boat over to the Jaco area and then catch a bus or taxi to San Jose or the international airport.
In general, I’d recommend taking the taxi boat if you can. It’s worth the $50 not just for the time you save but for the super-fun boat ride itself. Every time I do it I’m reminded how I need to get out on a boat more often. The last time I did it we saw tons of dolphins and a flying fish that flew for several hundred meters… it was in the air for at least 20 seconds and everyone was as impressed with that as with the dolphins. The boat captain also caught a beautiful fish (photo below) and then released it, because it was so small.

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