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Aerial Tram Tour

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Aerial Tram Tour

Pick up from your house, condo or hotel.

Explore the tree tops in a relaxed environment on the longest guided tram ride in Costa Rica. This 1 hour gondola ride includes a visit to the butterfly garden, medicinal plans garden and a walk through the Terrarium.

(1) Aerial Tram tour featuring 18 gondolas; (2) Medicinal Plants Garden; (3) Heliconias and Bromelias Garden; (4) Terrarium; (5) Butterfly Garden; (6) Expert naturalist guide.
In the case of closure of an attraction due to inclement weather, I understand that the tickets can be applied to another date. In the case that my trip is canceled or the travel dates are changed, the activity date can be changed and/ or purchased tickets can be refunded. If the tour is canceled 24 hours prior to the tour, a 10% charge of the total amount with apply. For any cancellation, a 10% fee will be charged.

We offer the longest and only guided tram tours in the country. The 1 hour gondola ride includes a visit to our beautiful Butterfly Garden where you´ll be able to learn about their colorful wings and their habitat, following is a stop at our fascinating Medicinal Plants Garden and a calm walk into our Terrariums where you´ll see many interesting amphibians and reptiles species ranging from turtles to different species of frogs.

Wear bug spray, sunblock, running shoes or sandals that won't fall off, Camera 

Tour Includes:

  • Aerial tram treetop flight
  • Butterfly garden
  • Medicinal plants garden
  • Terrarium (amphibians and reptiles)
  • Expert certified naturalist bilingual guide
  • 7:30 AM
  • 9:30 AM
  • 12:00 MD
  • 2:00 PM

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