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White Water Rafting (Naranjo River)

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White Water Rafting (Naranjo River)

Pick up (7am) from your house, condo or hotel.

Experience exhilarating Class IV White Water Rafting at Naranjo River. Available (Weather Permitting) from May to December. Borders Manuel Antonio National Park. Stunning surroundings. Each 6-7 person raft has a guide and kayaker for added safety,

Jaco Area. Private 1 instructor for every 2 or 3 students. Includes instructor, gear and transportation.
Towel / Camera / Swimsuit/ Sunscreen

Experience III and IV class rapids on this river that borders the Manuel Antonio National Park, combining adrenaline and natural beauty.

A 40-minute scenic ride brings you to the small town of Londres, and our private ranch featuring diverse facilities.

After safety instructions and time to practice you are ready to board the 6-passenger rafts. .

Each raft has a guide who will provide instructions during the journey, and for additional safety, a kayaker will accompany the group close by

The Naranjo River flows through mountains, jungle gorges, farmlands and palm plantations.

The river’s course is steep and challenging, perfect for adventure seekers searching for an adrenaline rush.

. Halfway through the tour, you’ll have a break where you can catch up your breath and admire the view.

Towards the end of the river, the waters calm down and you can take in the sights while cruising over the last few rapids.

After taming the river for almost two hours, you will be rewarded with a tasty lunch made with local ingredients.


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